Thursday, July 25, 2013

Android software platform had released the smart mobile platform for Galaxy S4 , It is available through Google Play edition. But Google hasen’t announced it official.

Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android 4.3 Google Play Edition (JWR66V Version)

Android version 4.3 is available to install on Galaxy S4 through Google Play edition which have the serail number JWR66V which was leaked a week after its builting date. The current Andorid verison 4.3 which is available on Galaxy S4 which has the build number JWR66N.

For the installation instructions, improvements, bug fixes and application performance for the latest Andorid 4.3 Xda-developer member Jah0n has posted it on the forum. we recommend you to install these version JWR66V on your phone with your risk that you’re the only person who is responsible for anything happens during the process of installing.

The latest JWR66V tweaks the battery performance and also allows the device to charge wirelessly even when the supply is off. Google Wallet now evidently works for non-rooted devices. Its same as Dash Clock and the IMDb app.

Still there are bugs with the unofficial Android 4.3 version, that affects apps like GTA Vice city, CNN, Apex launcher, HBO Go,Titanium Backup and more also affects the SIM unlocking feature.

Although you can roll this new ROM, it would be great if Google would release Android 4.3, And also Samsung has to release the proper Galaxy S4 Google Play edition software update, It is totally up to samsung to do it.

It is also rumored that Google will uncover Android 4.3 on July 24, through its special press event beside a new Nexus 7 model.


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