Saturday, July 6, 2013

The recently released Galaxy S4 Active rugged phone has already been rooted by Geohot, famous jailbreaker of iPhone( and Sony Playstation).

Also, he created an app so that any Galaxy S4 Active owner can root his or her device without much trouble. We remind you that rooting of the device is not advisable and it’s your responsibility if something happens to your device during the procedure.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Root Application by Geohot (iPhone Jailbreaker)

If still you want to root your device, head to the Geohot’s website (Source Link below) and follow the instructions given:

* visit on an active

* click the lambda

* install the apk

* run activeroot

Wasn’t that easy?

You better make sure that your Galaxy S4 Active version is supported before you proceed, as this rooting method as of now is only confirmed to work on the AT&T Galaxy S4 active(model number SGH-1537).


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