Friday, June 7, 2013

Lenovo’s IdeaPad Z series is now in India! There are two new laptops fresh off the racks as a part of this series and they are the IdeaPad Z400 and IdeaPad Z500. The prices are Rs 447,990 and Rs 53,990 respectively.

New Lenovo IdeaPad Z400 and Z500 Laptops Price and Specs

The IdeaPad Z400 has a 3rd generation Intel Core i7processor with a hard disk space of I TB. The 14-inch screen is LED backlit with HD resolution.
Contrastingly the IdeaPad Z500 has a 3rd generation Intel Core i5 processor with a hard disk space of 1 TB. The widescreen is 15-inches with LED backlit HD display.
Both the laptops have a battery life of maximum three hours.
These devices are also equipped with the Intelligent TouchPad for Windows 8. It has the option of zooming, rotating and scrolling easily.
These two laptops also have a 10-point multi touch technology which enables it to identify and follow the intuitive touches made on the laptop screen.


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