Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My 3D Fish II v2.2 APK (Live Wallpaper For Android)
My 3D Fish II is your new unique 3D Fish reservoir, all in realtime in 3D. It's a live surfaces picture.
If You like place aquariums or aquariums, then you'll love this surfaces picture too.
Tablets and cellular cell cellular mobile phones are increased.

+ My 3D Fish II have NEW Fish Motor !

+ Many complete 3D seafood simulation in one time !
+ New light engine, level of acidity is unique, plankton
+ Accelerometr sign to amazing photography camera move
+ New plants and pre-specified themes

By generally generally basically simply simply clicking the seafood head, seafood will turn to you and swim

Aquarium have amazing qualifications minutes, plants, seafood, reservoir designs.
You may customize many choices, and ON/OFF many elements to choose the best
options for your phone or product.

image.jpg image.jpg

image.jpg image.jpg

image.jpg image.jpg


+ Full 3D seafood simulation: Nemmo White-colored (Clownfish), Nemmo Black (Clownfish),
Dorry (Blue-Yellow Tang), Tuscany Angelfish, Huge Angelfish, Koi Kohaku,
Koi Tancho Sanke

+ Decors: Content, Program, Losing Team, Main, Rock lantern

+ Aquatium bottoms: Sand, Stones, Water moss, Sand mountains, Zen sand

+ Plants types: Water garden, Typha plants, Sea anemones, Bamboo bedding bed linens bed linens bed linens,
Coral several colour, Task challenge hurdle barrier reefs reefs reefs barrier reefs reefs red, Task challenge hurdle barrier reefs reefs reefs barrier reefs reefs, Yellow-colored water grass

+ Water types: Blue-White, Red, Light give, Shipweck, Sea rocks
+ To save battery pack package pack You may off some elements or reduce seafood problems, this reduce GPU usage.
+ Attention: This seafood have special energy - and sometimes may go through areas

Requires Android:- 2.1 & Up


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