Sunday, April 28, 2013

BBM 7, a free Wi-Fi voice chat with convenient features, still in beta has been introduced by the Canadian company Research In Motion. The convenient, fast and inexpensive service is mainly for BlackBerry users. They can switch between their friends and family near and far by texting and talking at the same time with its Split-Screen feature.  This application and its small button help to make a free call to Smartphones. The application works only on BlackBerry 6 and higher with wired headset and Bluetooth but, it would be installed on the BlackBerry 5. The Google Talk and Skype await to the BlackBerry Messenger 7. It shows the status of voice communication as available, active or online/offline. You can call to anywhere without worrying about call charges. You can use BBM 7 when you feel difficulty to explain complicated details through text.


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